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very popular and spreading very quickly, especially on the Internet
in the flesh
in person, live (expression)
a mashup
a type of recorded music or video that consists of parts of different songs or images that have been combined
a fixture
a person considered to be permanently established in a job, place etc
esp. of a disease or social condition) found particularly in a specific area or group:
to cover
music: to perform or record a song that was first performed by someone else
a convention
a large meeting of a group of people who are involved in the same type of work or who have similar interests
to coo
(esp. of some birds, such as pigeons) to make a low, soft call, or (of people) to speak in a soft, gentle way
an outset
the start or beginning
to crinkle
to have or cause to have many little lines and folds
perv, pervert
a preppie
a person who is or was a student at a preparatory school (= private school that prepares students for college), or someone who dresses in the traditional style of such students
a gam
a person's leg.
the glutes
the muscles of the buttocks; glutei; (plural)
to swoon
to have a feeling of extreme pleasure or happiness
a hook
a method used for getting people interested in and attracted to something, especially something that you are selling
a set
a stage or other place where a film or television programme is made or where a play is performed
a billboard
a very large board on which advertisements are shown, esp. at the side of a road
spending, giving, or using more than is necessary or reasonable; more than enough