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a foreignism
a foreign idiom or custom.
a contusion
a bruise
used to express surprise, anger, or annoyance (expression)
to thrall
to control someone completely, or to have all of their attention
a staple
a basic food, or a main product or material
any of various beetles which destroy crops such as grains and cotton (adv.)
to tout
to advertise or praise something, often to encourage its use or sale
to churn
to shake (milk or cream) in a machine in order to produce butter
a spike
also a sudden increase, often shown on a graph (= type of drawing) by a long, narrow shape that comes to a point at the top (noun)
relating to or characteristic of an artisan (adj.)
Mergers and acquisitions (abbreviation/acronym)
a graft
a piece of healthy skin or bone cut usually from a person’s own body and used to repair a damaged part on that person
a pooch
a dog
to grind out
to produce in large quantities, especially a boring thing, again and again
to rig
to arrange an event or amount in a dishonest way
a roll call
the act of reading aloud the names of people on a list to check whether they are present (noun)
bridge and tunnel
a pejorative term for people who travel to Manhattan Island from surrounding communities, a commute that requires passing over a bridge and/or through a tunnel.
to take a leak
to urinate
to take up with
to become friendly with or spend time with someone
a scumbag
a very unpleasant person who has done something dishonest or unacceptable