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an underbelly
the weakest or most unpleasant part of something which is most likely to fail or be easily defeated
amusing in an unusual way
to turn in
to give or return something or someone to an authority
a scourge
someone or something that causes harm, evil, or destruction
district attorney - a lawyer in the US who represents a state (abbreviation/acronym)
Let's hear it for him.
clap and cheer for him; (expression)
to gun for someone
to make a great effort to defeat or hurt someone
a thug
a man who acts violently, esp. a criminal
a squeeze
a person with whom one is having a romantic relationship
I'll give you that
I'll grant you that; (expression)
the man of the hour
a hero, celebrated person (definite article)
showing many bright colours which change with movement
to seep
(of liquids) to flow slowly through something
to burst
to break open or apart suddenly, or to cause something to break open or apart
completely unreasonable and ridiculous; not to be believed
to growl
to make a low unpleasant noise
to swap
to exchange one thing for another
to haggle
to argue, esp. about the price of something
research and development (abbreviation/acronym)
a clip
a container holding bullets and that is put into a gun
a round
a bullet or other piece of ammunition (= something that can be shot from a weapon or exploded)