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to soar
(esp. of a bird or aircraft) to rise or fly high in the air
a leverage
the power to influence results
to cross
to oppose someone, or to disagree with them
a vault
a room, esp. in or under the ground floor of a large building, that is used to store things safely
a rookie
a person with little experience who is just starting to work in a job or to play on a sports team
to work sth off
If you work off an unpleasant feeling, you get rid of it by doing something energetic
an egress
the way out or act of going out.
to have one’s heart set on
to really want something
a feat
an act that shows skill, strength, or bravery
a rail-splitter
a person who splits logs into rails, as for fences
to render
to cause someone or something to be in a particular state
an enforcer
one whose job it is to execute unpleasant tasks for a superior
to fall to
to devolve on (a person)
used to describe people who steal things (adj.)
to prick
to run, drive, etc. after somebody/something in order to catch them
looking very tired because of illness, worry or lack of sleep; demacrado (adj.)
a spinster
a woman who is not married, esp. a woman who is no longer young and seems unlikely ever to marry
to flit
to fly; fly or move lightly or quickly; dart lightly; pass swiftly by; Ex. a bee flitting from flower to flower
to jaw
to talk
an associate
someone who is connected to another person as a business partner or companion