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an edge
an advantage
to shine
to show great ability in an activity; excellent
shit (adj.)
a badger
an animal that digs holes in the ground, where it lives, and comes out at night to feed
to pry
to open, move, or lift something by putting one end of a tool under it and pushing down on the other end
a flurry
a light, brief shower of snow.
a grifter
a petty swindler, as one who operates a dishonest gambling device at a carnival; confidence man
a savant
a very knowledgable person; a genius
to convene
to come together; assemble; call to meet
to stalk
to walk in an angry or proud way
having the characteristics of a ...: crazy, offbeat
rude but not seriously offensive
a mildew
a soft, usually white, green, or black area caused by a fungus that sometimes grows on things such as plants, food, paper, or buildings, esp. if the conditions are warm and wet
to plead
to ask somebody for something in a very strong and serious way
to chill out
to relax completely, or not allow things to upset you
to secede
to decide not to continue to be part of a larger group or organization
a spangle
a small piece of shiny metal or plastic, used esp. to decorate clothes
to be careful because you do not completely trust someone or something or are not certain about what you should do
a stairwell
a long vertical passage through a building around which a set of stairs is built
a tabloid
a type of newspaper that has smaller pages, many pictures, and short reports