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a booty
the buttocks (singular); valuable stolen goods
a state of being stifled or suppressed
a platitude
a statement that has been repeated so often that it is meaningless
to rip off
to cheat someone by charging too much money, or to steal something
a merit
a goodness; worth; value
weird; causing fear because strange
a spinoff
a result that is produced in addition to the main result of a process
an interface
the place where two systems come together and have an effect on each other
growing or developing quickly
(esp. of hair or shapes) smooth, usually curved and shiny, and therefore looking healthy and attractive
a hullabaloo
a loud noise made by people, often because they are angry, or a situation in which many people are angry or upset
expressing happiness, or making you feel happier
a gauntlet
a long thick glove (= covering for the hand), worn for protectio
verb: to allow air or gas to escape from within a container, noun: someone or something that is deflated suddenly feels or is considered less important
to pounce
to attack suddenly, esp. by jumping or flying down to catch or take hold of something or someone