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a dork
a person regarded as stupid, foolish, awkward, clumsy; a social misfit; Synonyms: jerk, schmo; nerd
a prized possession
an important possession
to scold
to criticize angrily someone who has done something wrong
a soft green or grey growth which develops on old food or objects (no article)
Something that impairs growth, withers hopes and ambitions, or impedes progress and prosperity.
to hurt
to cause harm or difficulty
How's that for funny?
Is it funny?
a fang
either of two long sharp teeth at the front of the mouths of some animals, such as a snake or dog
rude and not showing respect
an insolence
a rudeness, discourtesy
to face down
to defeat someone or something that is opposing you by being brave and strong
a redemption
the state of being kept from evil or of improving morally
to ingratiate
to gain favor with another by deliberate effort; to seek to please somebody so as to gain an advantage
to be confined to one's room (usually referring to an older child)
to detain
to keep (someone) in official custody, typically for questioning about a crime or in politically sensitive situations