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to be entrusted
to be trusted in
a med
a medical school
to lock away
to put where something cannot be removed or someone cannot escape
in tow
following or going along under someone's control
a cap
an upper limit on what is allowed, eg. prices
to take the fall
to accept responsablity for a crime, while the guilty ones remain unpunished
a kit
a gear consisting of a set of articles or tools for a specified purpose
to uphold
to maintain, affirm, support
to fend
to look after and provide for oneself.
I'm all done.
I quit, It's all over. I give up.
to beat
to be better than something
a PX
a Post Exchange (military)
to lose his cool
to lose his temper
to wander off
to wander away
How can you not know that?
How is it possible that you don't know?