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Newtonian Revolution
Isaac Newton
Special and General Relativity
Albert Einstein
Niels Bohr
Charles Darwin
Germ Theory of Disease
Louis Pasteur
Psychology of the Unconscious
Sigmund Freud
New Science
Galileo Galilei
Revolution in Chemistry
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Motion of the Planets
Johannes Kepler
Heliocentric Universe
Nicolaus Copernicus
Classical Field Theory
Michael Faraday
Electromagnetic Field
James Clerk Maxwell
Founding of Modern Physiology
Claude Bernard
Modern Anthropology
Franz Boas
Quantum Theory
Werner Heisenberg
Nature of the Chemical Bond
Linus Pauling
Cell Doctrine
Rudolf Virchow
Wave Mechanics
Erwin Schrodinger
Structure of the Atom
Ernest Rutherford
Quantum Electrodynamics
Paul Dirac
New Anatomy
Andreas Vesalius
New Astronomy
Tycho Brahe
l'Histoire Naturelle
Comte de Buffon
Ludwig Boltzmann
Max Planck