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L'occitan, qu'es aquò ?
Occitan, what is it ?
L'occitan es la lenga de l'Occitania
Occitan is the language of Occitania
Adissiatz senhor
Hello sir
Coma vas ?
how are you ?
Òc, tot va ben (tot va plan)
Yes, everything is fine
Ieu, vau mau
Me, I feel bad
Perque vas mau ?
Why do you feel bad ?
Ne sabi pas
I don't know
Benlèu que va passar
Maybe it will pass
Siàu desconsolat
I'm sorry
Ieu, siàu Joan
Me, I'm Joan
Nice to meet you
Coma te sonas ?
What is your name ?
Que de nòu
What's up ?
Aimas lo pastaga ?
Do you like pastis ?
Òc, aimi
Yes, I like
Non, n'aimi pas
No, I don't like
Se vos plai, podi passar ?
Please, can I pass ?
Segur, podes
Of course, you can
Pòrta-te ben
Take care
Adieu, a lèu
Goodbye, see you soon
Bona nuèch
Good night