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Everything was your fault.
Todo fue culpa tuya.
I don´t know what you´re talking about.
No sé de qué me estás hablando.
Don´t lie to me.
No me mientas.
I´m tired of listening to your complaints.
Estoy cansado de escuchar tus quejas.
You´re always complaining.
Siempre te estás quejando.
We´re going to move to Norway.
Nos vamos a mudar a Noruega.
Write it down.
Put it on.
Take it off.
Try it on.
Look for them.
Wait for her.
Look at that.
Mira eso.
Pick them up.
Take her out to dinner.
Llévala a cenar.
You don´t have to shout at them.
No tienes que gritarles.
Throw it away.
Tíralo (a la basura)
Throw it out the window.
Tíralo por la ventana.
Don´t give up.
No te rindas.
Get out.
Get out of here.
Lárgate de aquí.
Call him back.
Vuelve a llamarle.
Keep trying.
Sigue intentando.
Don´t laugh at me.
No te rías de mí.
Stop crying.
Deja de llorar.