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Tell him to come.
Dile que venga.
I´d like to try it.
Me gustaría probarlo.
Tell them to be careful.
Diles que tengan cuidado.
I want to go with him.
Quiero ir con él.
I want you to go with him.
Quiero que vayas con él.
Don´t tell him who i am.
No le digas quién soy.
I don´t want him to know anything.
No quiero que él sepa nada.
They told me to look for him.
Me dijeron que lo buscara.
Nobody told you to do anything.
Nadie te dijo que hicieras nada.
I told you to do it again.
Te dije que volvieras a hacerlo.
Why didn´t you do it again?
¿Por qué no volviste a hacerlo?
Who told you to call me?
¿Quién te dijo que me llamaras?
I want you to look at me.
Quiero que me mires.
I want you to know something.
Quiero que sepas una cosa.
I want you to share your toys.
Quiero que compartas tus juguetes.
I want you to be the judge.
Quiero que seas el juez.
I want you to be fair.
Quiero que seas justo.
Tell him to leave.
Dile que se vaya.
Watch them / keep an eye on them.
They want us to lose.
Quieren que perdamos.
We want you to win.
Queremos que ganéis.
I want you to have a good time.
Quiero que os lo paséis bien.
I want you to think about it.
Quiero que lo pienses.
They don´t want us to come.
No quieren que vengamos.
I want you to find a solution.
Quiero que encuentres una solución.