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dos and don'ts
things you should and shouldn't do
make yourself understood
speak in a way that others can understand
trial and error
a way of solving a problem by trying several possibilities
make the most of sth
use sth as much as you can
learn sth (off) by heart
learn sth until you remember it exactly
(say /read sth) out loud
(say/read sth) so that others can hear it
get behind with sth
not do sth on time
catch up (with sb)
reach the level of others
give up
stop trying
stick at sth
continue with sth even though it is difficult
get there
achieve sth after a period of effort
brush up on sth
improve your knowledge when you haven't use it for a period of time
keep up (with sb)
make progress at the same speed as others
sink in
(of information) be remembered or understood
keep your mind on sth
continue to concentrate on sth
pick sth up
learn sth w/o making a big effort
keep it up
continue to do sth as well as you're doing it now
rack your brains
try hard to remember sth
on the tip of your tongue
you are sure you know it, but you don't remember it at that moment
go in one ear and out the other
forget sth quickly