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first of all
Before doing anything else.
go over /through sth
Look at, check, or discuss sth carefully
leave sth out
Not do sth e.g. an exercise (leave sb out = not include sb).
rub sth out
Remove marks made by a pencil, chalk, etc. using a rubber.
take it in turns
Do sth one after another so that everyone has an opportunity to do it (also take turns at sth).
swap places (with sb)
Take sb's seat or position so they can take yours.
finish sth off
Do the last part of sth.
put sth away
Put sth where you usually keep it, especially after using it.
call it a day
INF decide to stop what you are doing (often work).
hand sth in
Give sth to a person in authority, e.g. a teacher or the police.
hand sth out
Give sth to each person in a group. SYN. give sth out.
hand sth round
Pass sth, especially food or drink, to people in a group.
take sth seriously
Think that sth is important and should be given careful attention.
in rough
You write it for a first time without worrying about mistakes because you will write it correctly later.
cross sth out
Remove sth from the text
it's no good (doing sth)
It will have no positive result (doing sth).
go back (to...)
Return to a person, place, subject, or activity.
build sth up
Increase or develop sth over a period of time.
the tip of the iceberg
Only a small part of a much larger problem or matter.
at home
In your own house or flat