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come and go
arrive at a place and then leave it, repeatedly
come naturally to sb
be natural and easy for sb to do
come to
become conscious again
come along
improve or develop in the way that you want
come a long way
improve a lot or make a lot of progress
come to life
start to become exciting and lively
come into sth
for ex. money, become yours when sb dies, especially a relative
come to nothing
be unsuccessful or have no successful result
come out
1. become known, 2. become available to buy 3. appear
go accordingly to plan
happen in the way that you intend
go down/up to somewhere
go to a place further south/north from where you are
go along with sth
agree to do sth that sb else wants to do or wants you to do
what/whatever sb says goes
used for saying that a particular person has the power to decide what happens in a situation
not go far
used for saying that you can't buy very much with a particular amount of money
go through sth
experience sth difficult or unpleasent
go round (to)
visit sb or go to a place that is near
go down with sth
become sick or ill with sth
go off sb/sth
stop liking sb/sth that you like in the past