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caught the sun
INF. his face has become red or brown from being in the sun.
stretch your legs
INF. go for a short walk after sitting for some time.
tell the time
read the time from a clock.
laying the table
putting knives, forks, etc. on the table.
catch sb's eye
attract sb's attention.
make a move
INF. begin to leave the place where we are.
miss the point
not understand the main idea of what sb is saying.
make up for lost time
do sth quickly or do more than usual because you couldn't do it before.
keep a straight face
you don't laugh and smile even though you find sth funny.
pick sb's brain (or brains)
INF. ask sb questions because you want to find out more about sth.
go round in circles
do or discuss sth without making any progress.
give/lend (sb) a hand (with sth)
help sb with sth
be on the go
INF. be very active and busy.
have a thing about sth/sb
INF. have a strong liking for or dislike of sth/sb
stay the night
sleep at sb's house for one night.
speak your mind
say exactly what you think in a very direct way.