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out of tune
singing or playing the wrong musical notes.
off duty
(of nurses, police, officers, etc.) not working at a particular time.
by accident
in a way that is not planned or organized.
in theory
used to say what should happen or be true (often used when it doesn't happen or isn't true).
in practice
used to say what really happens and what is really true.
in working order
(of a machine) functioning properly.
out of control
impossible to manage or control.
in luck
in sight
able to be seen.
on the phone
1. by phone 2. using the phone now.
in writing
in the form of a letter, document, etc.
by return (of post)
in the next available post (usually the next day).
in confidence
if you talk to sb in this way, they agree not to tell anyone else what you have said.
on your mind
you are thinking and perhaps worrying about it.
at once
immediately. SYN. straight away
at lenght
for a long time and in detail.
in the end
by mistake
you do it accidentally.
for certain
without doubt. SYN. for sure.
in the/sb's way
stopping sb from moving or doing sth.
out of place
not suitable for the place or situation sth is in.