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come and go
be present for a short time, then go away, then turn, and so on.
wait and see
delay action until you know what is going to happen.
facts and figures
accurate and detailed information.
fast and furious
(of films, games, shows, etc.) full of rapid action and quick changes.
up and down
the road= along the road in both directions.
peace and quiet
calm, and silence, especially in contrast to the noisy environment.
first and foremost
used for emphasizing the main point or the most important reason for sth.
backwards and forwards
from one place to another and back again, many times.
on and off
used to say that sth happens a few times, then stop for a period, then start again, and so on.
sick and tired of sth
very unhappy about sth
word for word
using exactly the same words.
one way or another / the other
INF using one of several possible methods, although you don't know yet which one.
give or take
used to say that the number you have just stated is nearly correct but not exactly.
sooner or later
at some point in the future.