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not have a clue
INF. used to emphasize that you do not know sth.
all over the place
in a very untidy state.
sort sth out
arrange sth in a tidy and organized way.
my back/feet etc. is/are killing me
INF. my back hurts, my feet hurt, etc.
do the trick
INF. resolve a problem.
have had it
INF. it is in a very bad condition and is no longer useful.
(a bit) on the small/big side
INF. slightly too small/big.
in (such) a hurry to do sth
impatient to do sth.
take your time (over sth)
do sth without hurrying.
be rushed/run off your feet
be extremely busy.
help sb out
help sb, especially in a difficult situation.
get on top of sb
be too much for sb to manage or deal with.
switch off
INF. stop thinking about sth.
be out of your depth
be in a situation (often a job) that is too difficult for you to understand or manage.
one step at a time
slowly; gradually.
be in with a chance (of doing sth)
INF. have the possibility of succeeding or achieving sth.
put in a (good) word (for sb)
say positive things to another person about sb, to help them get a job, etc.
at full stretch
working as hard as possible.
pile up
become larger in quantity or amount.