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I can talk about time

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at the crack of down
INF very early in the morning.
once in a blue moon
INF hardly ever; very rarely.
out of date
1. old-fashioned 2. without the most recent information.
one day
at some time in the future.
on impulse
without thinking about sth before you do it.
live from day to day
live without thinking about what will happen in the future.
in no time
very quickly
in next to no time
very soon
from time to time
sometimes but not regularly.
the other day
recently; a few days ago.
fix sth up
arrange for sth to happen.
on the dot
at exactly the time you mentioned or arranged.
in good time
before the time you need to be somewhere or do sth.
keep sth waiting
make sb wait for you.
turn up
arrive (often use when sb arrives late or doesn't arrive at all).
hold sb up
(usually passive) cause a delay or make a sb late.
over and over again
many times; repeatedly.
(right) at the last minute
at the latest possible time.
waste your breath
say things that sb doesn't listen to or take notice of.
(only) a matter of time
used to say that sth will definitely happen, but you don't know when.