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I can talk about situations on the road

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slow down
go more slowly.
grind to a halt
slowly stop completely.
break down
(of a car, bus, etc.) stop working.
in the middle of nowhere
a long way from towns or buildings.
call sb out
phone for sb, e.g. a doctor or a plumber, to come and help you.
stand a chance (of sth / of doing sth)
it is possible that you will succeed in doing it (often used in the negative).
go after sb
run after or chase sb in order to catch them.
jump the lights
drive through a red traffic light without stopping.
pull out
(of a car or driver) move away from the side of the road or a queue of cars and into the traffic.
pull in / pull over
move to the side of the road and stop.
knock sb over / down
hit sb and make them fall into the ground.
drive off
(of a car or driver) leave; start moving away.
fill sth up (with sth)
make sth completely full (with sth)
load (sth) up
put a large quantity of things or people onto or into sth.
set off
start a journey (especially a long journey)
stick to sth
continue doing or using sth and not change it.
get from A to B
go from one place to another.
break your journey
stop for a short time during a journey.
at a time
on each occasion.
look out for sth/sb
keep a watch for sth/sb.
a short cut
a quicker way to get somewhere.
(just) in case
because of the possibility of sth happening.