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I can talk about holidays

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turn out (to be)
happen in a particular way that is often unexpected.
in advance (of sth)
before sth happens or is expected.
set out
leave a place and start a journey.
take your time
do sth without hurrying.
stop off
make a short visit somewhere during a longer trip.
all over the place
in or through all parts of a place; everywhere.
get around
move from one place to another.
out of season
at the time of year when few people go on holiday.
get sth out of sth
get pleasure or benefit from sth.
get away
plan to have a holiday.
get away from sb/sth
escape from a person or a place.
go away
have a holiday.
make a change
used to say that an activity is enjoyable because it is different from what you usually do.
rough it
INF live with only basic shelter and necessities for a short time.
once or twice
a few times.
on horseback
riding on a horse.
as it happens/happened
used when you comment on sth that is unexpected, or sth connected with what sb else has just said.
do your bit
do an equal amount of a task or job as others.
off the beaten track
far away from buildings and other people.
in the open air
(used in a positive sense) outside; not in a building.
do sb good
have a useful and positive effect on sb.