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The grammar of phrasal verbs

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check in
Go to a desk in an airport or hotel and tell an official that you have arrived.
look up
INF (of a business, sb's situation, etc.) get better.
show up
INF arrive in a place where sb is waiting for you.
look sth up
Look for information in a book or online.
make sth up
Invent a story or an explanation for sth.
try sth on
Put on a piece of clothing to see if it fits or looks good on you.
look into sth
Investigate and try to discover the fact about sth, e.g. a crime, a problem.
come across sth/ sb
Meet sb or find sth by chance.
stand for sth
Represent or mean (WWW stands for World Wide Web).
go out with sb
Spend time with sb and have a romantic relationship with them.
cut back on sth
Reduce the amount of sth that you eat, spend, use, etc.
take off
(of a plane) leave the ground.
take sth off
Remove a piece of clothing.