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an early night
a night when you go to bed earlier than usual.
run into sb
meet sb you didn't plan to meet. SYN bump into sb.
a night out
an evening you spend out of the house enjoying yourself.
pop in
make a quick visit to see sb or do sth.
(just) round the corner
nearby; not far away. SYN close by.
not sb's cup of tea
INF not what sb likes or is interested in.
go halves
(of two people) share the cost of sth.
eat out
eat in a restaurant.
put sb up
let sb stay at your home for a short period.
end up (somewhere or doing sth)
find yourself in a place or doing sth, without having planned it.
turn out (to be sth)
happen in a particular way, especially one that you did not expect.