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I can talk about work experience

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get through sth
manage to complete a difficult task or deal with a difficult situation.
all hours
you work most of the time or for a long period.
next to nothing
almost nothing (in this case, almost no money).
be up to sth
be skilled or strong enough physically or mentally to do sth.
give sth a hard time
INF make a situation difficult for sb, often by making them work hard or by asking them lots of difficult questions.
get behind (with sth)
not do sth on time, then have more to do later.
stand by sb
support or be loyal to sb, even in a difficult situation.
have sb to thank (for sth)
used when you are saying who is responsible for sth, usually for sth good.
make it
be successful in a career / be present at a particular time or place.