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I can talk about spending and saving

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careful with (your) money
Spending money when it is necessary
well off
having a lot of money
badly off
having a little money
in the red
having spent more money than you have in the bank.
save up (for sth)
keep money so that you can use it later.
cut back on sth
reduce the amount of sth that you spend, use, etc.
rolling in money / it
INF having a lot of money.
make ends meet
manage to buy the things you need with the money you have or earn.
be in debt
owe money to somebody.
hard up
INF not having much money.
live off sb
rely on sb else to provide you with food, money, etc.
pay off
finish paying the money I owe.
pay back
give the money that you had borrowed from sb.
pay in
put money into your bank account OPP take out
save for a rainy day
save money for a time when you really need it.
rip sb off
INF cheat sb by charging too much money for sth.
keep your head above water
just manage to survive in a difficult situation, especially one in which you don't have enough money.
take sth off sth
make sth cheaper by a certain amount.
run up a debt / bill
owing sb a lot of money.
get your money's worth
get the full value of the money you have spent.
run out of sth
use all of sth and have no more left.
not a penny
no money at all.
on a shoestring
INF using very little money.
cover the cost (of sth)
provide enough money to pay for sth.