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I can talk about different generations

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take after sb
look or behave like an older member of a family
run in the family
be found very often in a family
bring sb up
care for an teach a child until they are an adult
look up to sb
respect and admire sb
follow in sb's footsteps
do the same job or activity as sb else who did it before you
know sth inside out
have a lot of knowledge of sth
show sb the ropes
INF show sb carefully what to do and how to do it
let yourself in for sth
INF involve yourself in sth that will probably be unpleasant or difficult
nothing like sb (not anything like sb)
completely different from sb
burst into tears
suddenly start crying
grow into sth
gradually develop into a particular kind of person
stay out
continue to be away from your home
stay in
stay at home and don't go out