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I can talk about my family

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be to blame (for sth)
be responsible for sth bad SYN be at fault
leave sb alone
stop annoying sb
be out of touch (with sth)
not know or understand what's happening in a particular subject or area
be set in your ways
have attitudes and habits for a long time that you don't want to change
feel at easy (with sb)
feel comfortable and relaxed with sb
on the whole/ by and large
SYN in general - two ways that we use to introduce generalization
get away with sth
not be punished for sth you have done wrong
live off sb
rely on sb else to provide you with food, money etc.
stand on your own two feel
not need the help of other people; live or act independently
be worlds apart
be completely different in attitudes, opinions etc.
behind the times
old-fashioned in your ideas, methods etc.
take offence at sth
feel upset or hurt by sth