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I can talk about jokes that goes wrong

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burst out laughing
suddenly stat laughing out loud
tell sb off (for sth)
INF speak angrily to sb bc they have done sth wrong
pull sb's leg
INF play a joke on sb, often by telling them sth which isn't true
take sth the wrong way
be upset by a comment which is not intended to be unkind
have the last laugh
be successful or win an argument in the end, when other people thought it was impossible
do sth for a laugh
do sth as a joke
hit the roof
INF become very angry
not be on speaking terms
not be prepared to be friendly towards each other, usually bc of an argument
get (hold of) the wrong end of the stick
INF understand sth wrongly
can take a joke
= be able to laugh at a joke about oneself
get a joke
understand a joke