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put sth out
take sth out of your house and leave it outside
by the way
used when you add a new topic into a conversation
sth to do with
sth connected to or involved with
I must dash
I must go quickly bc I'm in a hurry
after all
used when sth is different from what you expected
crop up
happen or appear, especially when it's not expected
get out of sth
avoid doing sth you should do or said that you would do
have (got) sth on
have an arrangement to do sth
get together
meet socially or in order to discuss sth
give my love to
ask sb to give a greeting from you to sb else (friends or family)
give my regards to (remember me to)
ask sb to give a greeting from you to sb else (less informal)
pop out
INF go somewhere for a short time
drop sb off
take sb to a place by car and leave them there
at the latest
no later than the time or date mentioned
it's about time
used to say that you think sb should do sth very soon
What have you been up to?
INF What have you been doing?
ring sb back
1. phone sb who has called you 2. ring sb again
call by (drop by)
make a short visit to see sb as you pass
round the corner
be snowed under
have too much work to deal with
get away (from sb)
succeed in leaving a place or a person
feel up to (doing sth)
have the strength or energy to do sth
wait up (for sb)
not go to sleep until sb comes home