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take advantage of sth
Make good use of sth
change your mind
Change your decision or opinion about sth
get nowhere
Make no progress, or have no success
be supposed to do
If you are supposed to do sth, you should do it because sb told you to do it, or because it is your responsibility to do it. SYN. Be meant to do sth
in that case
Used to say what will happen, or what you will do, as a result of a particular situation.
in charge (of sb / sth)
Having control or command (of sb / sth)
a piece of cake
INF a thing that is very easy to do
a stone's throw
A short distance
famous last words
Used when you think sb is speaking with too much confidence about sth that they think will happen.
better late than never
It is better to arrive late than not at all.
bright and early
Early in the morning
more or less
Almost or approximately
get through (to sb)
Make contact with sb by phone.
laugh sth off
Joke about sth to show you think it is not serious or important.
don't ask me
INF used to say that you don't know the answer to sth. SYN. search me INF.
thank heavens
Used to say you are pleased and relieved about sth.