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if you like
INF used to agree with sb's suggestion to do sth
not at all (you're welcome)
used as a polite reply when sb thanks you
same here
INF the same thing is also true for me
not bad
INF quite good
not exactly
used when you're correcting sth that sb has said
never mind
used to tell sb not to worry or be uspet
I'm not bothered (it's all the same to me)
it's not important to me
yes and no
used when you cannot give a clear answer to sth
go ahead
often used to give sb permission to do sth
I beg your pardon?
used when politely asking sb to repeat what they have just said
you're kidding! (you're joking)
INF used to express surprise
Good grief! (Good heavens!)
used to express shock or surprise
Bad luck! (Hard luck)
used to express sympathy
Good luck! (The best of luck!)
used to wish sb success with sth
Mind your own business!
a rude way to tell sb not to ask questions about sth private
Hear, hear!
a way of saying you strongly agree with sb
Goodness knows!
= I don't know (emphatic)
Thank goodness!
used to show you're relieved
For goodness sake!
used to show you are annoyed or impatient