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I'd rather not say
a polite way to say you don't want to give sb some info
I wouldn't say no (to sth)
INF used to say you would like sth, or to accept sth you're offered
you can say that again
INF I agree with you completely.
I have/must to say (that)
INF used for emphasizing an opinion
whatever you say
used to agree with sb's suggestion, even if you don't like it, bc you don't want to argue about it.
tell me
INF used before asking a question
to say the least
used to say that you could have expressed sth in a much stronger way
that would be telling
INF used to say that you can't give some info bc it is secret
I told you so
INF I warned you about sth; you didn't listen but now you can see I was right
to tell you the truth
INF used to say what you really feel
I'll see what I can do
I'll try to help
you see
INF used when you're explaining sth
I don't see why not
INF used to say "yes" when sb asks for sth
let's see (let me see)
INF used to say that you're thinking
see how it goes (see how things go)
INF used to say that you'll decide about a situation after letting it develop for a short time
see for yourself
used to tell sb to look at sth to check that what sb's said about it is true
see you later (see you around)
used when saying goodbye to sb you know