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here's to sth/sb
used to wish sb health or success as you lift a glass and drink to them
hurry up
do sth more quickly bc there isn't much time left
time's up
used in exams and competitions to tell people there is no more time left
I know
used to agree with sb or to say you feel the same way
say when
used to ask sb to tell you when you should stop pouring their drink
here you are
used when you're giving sth to sb
sort of
to some extend, but in a way that is not easy to explain
why not?
used to agree to a suggestion
what's up?
what's the matter?
as usual
as happens most of the time
here goes
used when you are telling people you're just going to do sth exciting, dangerous
all the best
used when you're saying goodbye to sb
guess what?
used before telling sb sth interesting or surprising
up to you
your decision