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I can talk about thought processes

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think ahead (to sth)
think about a future event and plan for it
think for yourself
form your own opinion rather than simply believing what other people say
talk sth over
discuss sth with sb, especially to help you make a decision
think sth over/through
think carefully about the possible results of sth
on the spur of the moment
suddenly, w/o planning in advance
make up your mind
think straight
think in a clear, logical way
think twice
think carefully about sth or before doing sth
think back (to sth)
think about things that happened in the past
take sth in
fully understand what you hear, see or read
have got a (good) head for sth
be naturally good at doing calculation etc.
slip your mind
forget sth
know sth like the back of your hand
know a place very well
get the hang of sth
learn how to do sth
know what you are doing
have experience in doing sth
out of practice
less good at doing sth then you used to be, bc you haven't done it for a while
give sth a try
make an attempt to do sth
be any good at sth
be able to do sth well
be no good at sth
be unable to do sth well
be good with your hands
be able to use your hands well
be no good with sb
be unable to deal with people well