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I can talk about ability and progress

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not be up to much
not be very good
go from bad to worse
of a bad situation - become even worse
be better off (doing sth)
used to suggest that sb should do sth differently
drop out (of sth)
leave school w/o finishing it
by comparison
used for talking about ways in which 2 things are different
in your element
doing what you're good at and enjoy
think on your feet
be able to think and react to things very quickly
go far
be successful in the future
it's early days
= it's too soon to know how sth will develop
sit back
relax, esp. by not doing anything or not getting involved
come up with sth
produce ideas or a solution to sth
know your stuff
know a lot about a particular subject
do your best
try as hard as possible
get on
make progress
thanks to sb/sth
used to say that sb/sth is responsible for sth
bring out the best/worst in sb
make sb behave in the best/worst way that they can
be out of touch (with sth)
not know recent ideas in a particular subject
get/start off on the wrong foot
make a bad start at a relationship
pull your weight
work as hard as other people in a group
not think much of sb
have a low opinion of sb
think the world of sb
feel great love for sb
think a lot of sb
have a high opinion of sb