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lose face
Be less respected or look stupid because of sth you have done.
turn a blind eye (to sth)
Pretend not to see or notice sth, usually sth bad.
out of the blue
INF suddenly and unexpectedly
in the distance
Far away, but able to be seen or heard
without fail
if all else fails
Used to say what sb can do if nothing else they have done is successful.
that it depends
Used to say that you are not certain about sth because other things have to be considered.
steer/ stay clear of sth/ sb
Take care to avoid sth or sb, because it or they may cause problems.
why/ how/ where/ who, etc. on earth
INF used to emphasize a question when you are angry or surprised, or cannot think of an obvious answer.
be in/ get into a state
INF be/become anxious or upset.
make sense
Be a practical and logical thing to do.
how come
INF used to ask the reason for sth which is surprising. (Notice the word order after how come is in statement form, although it is a question.)
like mad
INF very fast, hard, much, etc. SYN flat out INF.