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pay (v.)
to get result in some advantage or profit for somebody
inmate (n.)
a prisoner
misdemeanor (n.)
a crime that is not serious
encounter (v.)
to experience or deal with something, especially a problem
abandon (v.)
to leave something
decline (v.)
to say politely that you will not accept something
seize (v.)
to take something using official power and force
be charged (v.)
(be) accused officially of committing a crime
unauthorized (adj.)
not officially or legally allowed or approved
mug (v.)
to attack someone in a public plan and steal their money, jewellery or other possessions
hitch (n.)
a problem that is not serious
mark (n.)
by accident (adv. phrase)
by chance, without being planned or intended
let your guard down (v. phrase)
to stop being careful
nab (v.)
to take or get something
Are you kidding?
used for saying that you do not believe or agree with someone is saying
come on (phr. v.)
used for telling someone that you do not believe what they are saying
positive (adj.)
completely certain
break into (phr. v.)
to enter a building by force, especially in order to steal things
burglary (n.)
the crime of entering a building illegally in order to steal things
display window (n.)
the decorative arrangement of goods behind the window at the front of a shop, in addition to the window itself
Thank goodness for that.
used to show that you are very glad about something
bowling alley (n.)
a building where people go bowling
run for (phr. v.)
to try to be elected to an official job or position
campaign (n.)
an organized effort by people to reach a goal
bitter (adj.)
involving very angry feelings
grim (adj.)
unpleasant and make you feel upset and worried