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Unit 1: Dictation

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live life to the fullest
spontaneous (adj.)
crack somebody up (phr. v.)
challenge (n.)
set your mind on doing something
straightforward (adj.)
flaw (n.)
lose track of time
obsessed (adj.)
plugged in (adj.)
drive somebody crazy
loner (n.)
hang out (phr. v.)
laid-back (adj.)
lighten up (phr. v.)
cricket (n.)
down-to-earth (adj.)
text (v.)
text message (n.)
How on earth
hold on (phr. v.)
get it (phr. v.)
got the hang of it
extraordinary (adj.)
asthma (n.)
paramedic (n.)
desperate (adj.)
coincidence (n.)
dramatically (adv.)
incredible (adj.)
unfold (v.)