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live life to the fullest
to lead life with many activities
spontaneous (adj.)
often doing things without planning to, because you suddenly want to do them
crack somebody up (phr. v.)
to make someone laugh a lot
challenge (n.)
a new or difficult task that test somebody’s ability and skill
set your mind on doing something
to be determined to have or achieve something
straightforward (adj.)
direct, honest
flaw (n.)
something that is not perfect, a fault
lose track of time
doesn’t know what time it is
obsessed (adj.)
having something control one’s mind or behavior
plugged in (adj.)
become involved with a particular activity
drive somebody crazy
to make someone very upset or angry
loner (n.)
a person who avoids the company of others and prefers to be and acts mostly alone
hang out (phr. v.)
to spend time with others
laid-back (adj.)
calm and relaxed
lighten up (phr. v.)
to become more relaxed
cricket (n.)
a small dark brown insect that makes a high pitch noise
down-to-earth (adj.)
sensible and practical, in a way that is helpful and friendly
text (v.)
to send a written message to someone using a mobile phone
text message (n.)
a written message that you send or receive using a mobile phone
How on earth
How is it possible
hold on (phr. v.)
to wait a moment
get it (phr. v.)
to understand
got the hang of it
started to understand something
extraordinary (adj.)
very unusual and surprising
asthma (n.)
a medical condition that makes it difficult to breathe
paramedic (n.)
a person trained to provide emergency medical help when a doctor is not present
desperate (adj.)
needing or wanting something very much
coincidence (n.)
the happening of two or more events at the same time by chance
dramatically (adv.)
greatly and surprisingly
incredible (adj.)
unfold (v.)
to become clear