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“I still will stay with thee, and never from this palace of dim night depart again.”
Romeo won't leave Juliet's tomb alive so takes his life with the poison.
“And fire, eyed fury be my conduct now!"
Romeo was once calm but as soon as Mercutio was slain he lost his head and killed Tybalt in revenge.
“Tut, I have lost myself; i am not here, this is not Romeo, He’s some other where”
Romeo gets so carried away with his love for Rosaline that he lets it get the better of him and causes him to go crazy. Mercutio however notices this and helps Romeo get over it.
"Either thou, or I, or both, must go with him”
Romeo tells Tybalt that one or both of them must die and join Mercutio in heaven. It shows that he is keen to avenge the death of Mercutio proving his loyalty.
“O, I am fortune's fool”
Romeo is a victim of fate and after killing Tybalt his life goes downhill.
“I have stained the childhood of our joy with blood removed but little from her own”
Romeo is desperate to find out how Juliet is and asks the nurse endless questions , however he is most concerned that Juliet will hate him for killing her relative. He is scared that he has ended their love forever.