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Where and when?

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Kur ir telefons?
Where is the phone?
Televizors ir šeit. Istabā.
TV is here. In the room.
Kur ir atslēgas?
Where are the keys?
Brilles ir atvilktnē
Glasses are in the drawer
Veikalā vai tirgū
In the shop or market
Koks ir šeit, bet mežs ir tur
The tree is here, but the forest is there
Kur ir koki?
Where are the trees?
Koki ir parkā
The trees are in the park
Kad ir auksti?
When is it cold?
Ziemā ir auksti, bet vasarā ir karsti
In the winter it is cold, but in the summer it is hot
Kad ir karsti?
When is it hot?
in the summer