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Tourism case study - ecotourism - Galapagos island

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volcanic islands make up the Galapagos islands
off the west coast of south america in the pacific ocean is where the islands lie
of the islands are designated as a national park or a marine reserve
this is when the protection of the islands began
small ships
This is how most of the tourists get to the islands and these tour the islands and allow only limited numbers of people on shore
tourism money
this is spend to the conservation work on the islands
professional guides
Visitors are guided round by these to protect the environment futher
Isolated, unique wildlife (flowers, cacti variety and giant tortoise) and the unique landscape (the islands are on a hot spot along the equator)
tourists per year
too many tourists, new invading species, over fishing and footpath erosion
Locals want to protect the environment and help more in the tourism
Benefits of tourism
Jobs for locals, brings in money for the islands, it is sustainable, there is a protected environment, only 10-16 tourists per boat and the £25 tourism fee