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Restless Earth Case Study - Andes

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young fold mountains
Longest range of fold mountains in the world
The sizes average to
300KM wide and 4000M tall
are used for carrying thinks, meat, milk and wool
Bolivia farmers
grow corps on TERRACES
creates areas of flat land for farming.
Subsistance farming
farming food to eat. It is often grown on the terraces
Commercial farming
farming to produce money. Often grown within the valleys.
artificial watering of the land
Top 10 for tin, nickel, silver and gold. Moe then half of Peru's exports are mining
Hydroelectric power
The steep slops makes it easy to build dams. The dam then uses the flow of water to produce power
There are many natural attractions suck as: peaks, volcanos, glaciers and lakes.
Inca trial
Americas best known trek, total of 45km
Inca - 250 species
of orchid exist