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This is when the law was introduced
because of the law could not happen to the couple were in their late 20s
Couples were only allowed once successfull pregnancy, after that the women must be sterilised or must abort all other children
The couples would recieve a 5-10% salary rise, they would have priority housing, pension and family benefits including free education for their single child
Salary consequences
If a second child was born both parents salary was cut by 10%
Fine consequences
If a second child was born there was a large fine, so large it would bankrupt many households
Health care and education consequences
If a second child was born the family would have to pay for both children's education and care for all of the family
If the second child is born abroad
The family would not be penalised but the child was not allowed to become a Chinese citizen
This was forecasted but did not happen because of the law
Population growth
This slowed down sufficiently so people could get food and jobs
400 million
fewer people were born because of this law
540 million to over 1 billion
this is the change in population that China had in 40 years
problems with the 1979 law
There was a gender imbalance as boys were favoured over girls, because a lot of children are single children they are all very spoilt and called 'little emperors'
Changes to the law from 2004
Two only children can have two children, people in rural areas are allowed a second child if the first is a girl, richer people can now pay the fine and there is a push to promote female equality to combat the gender imbalance