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Population case study - legal migration - from Pol

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polish people migrated to the UK between 2004 and 2006 - out of a total of 600,00 EU migrants
5 times
this is how much more a polish person earns in the UK
Push factors
These make you want to leave
Pull factors
These make you want to move to that country
Push factors of Poland
Low wages, low standard of living and high unemployment
Pull factors of the UK
More jobs, cheap airlines/transport, higher wages and fair government
Positive impacts on Poland
more jobs for females, they return with English skills, they can wire money back to the families
Negative impacts on Poland
Less men, less workers, not enough people so they end up needing imagrants
Positive impacts on the UK
They pay TAX, there are more workers, these people are wiling to do unwanted jobs
Negative impacts on the UK
There are lots of people, residences dislike the 'invasion' of people, there is a strain on services, standards start to deteriorate, there are large changes to an area and there is loss of community