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Tourism case study - extreme environments - Antarc

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Tourists visited in 2007/2008
Over 100
tourist companies are involved in the trips to Antarctica
Of the tourists were american in 2006
International Association Tourist Operation, they make the tourist cruise rules. There are fines if these rules are not followed
1st rule
Do not go within 5 metres of wildlife
2nd rule
Do not leave litter/waste
3rd rule
Do not stand on Lichens
Fuel spillages from ships
This can kill living plants and animals living in the area
MS Explorer
This was an oil spill disaster in 2007
The Antarctic treaty
This is an international agreement that came to force in 1961, signed by 47 countries that was designed to protect and conserve the area and its wildlife
Unique wildlife and unique landscape
Impacts of tourists
Disturbs wildlife, damages environment (oil spills and litter), honey pot sites (overcrowded) and the destruction of Lichen and flowers (these take decades to recover)
IAATO rules and 500 people limit to cruises