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antibiotic (n)
a medicine which cures infections by destroying harmful bacteria
clinical (adj)
relating to medical treatment and tests
contract (v)
to get a serious disease
controlled (adj)
data (n)
information or facts about something
diagnose (v)
to say what is wrong with someone who is ill
disease (n)
an illness caused by infection or by health failure rather than by an accident
inhale (v)
to breathe air, smoke, or gas into your lungs
occur (v)
to happen, often without being planned
outbreak (n)
a time when something suddenly begins, especially a disease
precaution (n)
something that you do to prevent bad things happening in the future
proven (adj)
something that has been shown to be true
recovery (n)
when you feel better again after an illness or injury
researcher (n)
someone who does research as a job
scientific (adj)
relating to science, or using the organized methods of science
spore (n)
a reproductive cell produced by some plants and simple organisms
treat (v)
to give medical care to someone for an illness or injury
trial (n)
a test of something new to find out if it is safe, works correctly, etc.