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academic (adj)
relating to schools, colleges and universities, or connected to thinking and studying and not practical skills
acquire (v)
to learn or get something
apprentice (n)
someone who has agreed to work for a skilled person for a particular period of time, often for low payment, in order to learn that person's skills
arc (n)
the shape of part of a circle, or other curved line
careers adviser (n)
someone whose job is to give people advice and information about what type of work they could do or how they could progress to a better job
complex (adj)
involving a lot of different but connected parts
exhausted (adj)
extremely tired
manual (adj)
involving physical work rather than mental work
mechanical (adj)
relating to or operated by machines
mission (n)
an important job, usually travelling somewhere
nuclear (adj)
relating to the energy that is released when the nucleus of an atom is divided
partner (n)
someone that you do something with, for example working in class
physical (adj)
related to the body
practical (adj)
relating to experience, real situations or actions rather than ideas or imagination
professional (adj)
relating to a job that needs special training or education
secure (adj)
secure from danger or harm or not likely to end
space station (n)
a vehicle in which people can travel round the Earth, outside its atmosphere, doing scientific tests
specialist (n)
someone who has a lot of experience, knowledge, or skill in a particular subject
technical (adj)
relating to the knowledge, machines or methods used in science and industry
theoretical (adj)
based on ideas rather than practical experience
understanding (n)
knowledge about a subject, situation, etc. or about how something works
vocational (adj)
a type of education and skills that prepare you for a particular type of work
weightless (adj)
having or appearing to have no weight