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Akafen, Akaaft/Akaf
to go shopping
Bäckerei, Bäckereien (f)
bakery, bakeries
Maartplaz, Maartplazen (f)
market place, market places
Verkafen, Verkaaft/Verkaf
to sell
Client, Clienten (m)
customer, customers
Akafsweenchen, Akafsweenercher (m)
shopping cart, shopping carts
Keess, Keesen (f)
cash register, cash registers
Tut, Tuten (f)
bag, bags
Akafszenter, Akafszentren (m)
shopping center, shopping centers
Apdikt, Apdikten (f)
pharmacy, pharmacies
Promotioun, Promotiounen (f)
promotion, promotions